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Did you know September is Menopause Awareness Month in the United States? Evidently 5 years ago the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) worked to declare this month “Menopause Awareness” month, stating that they wanted women to be informed about new and emerging safety information about menopausal hormone treatment (i.e. hormone replacement therapy or HRT).

It’s interesting that the FDA says that they want women to be informed about treatments for menopause symptoms, but at the same time they take efforts to limit women’s access to solutions, such as bioidentical hormones, that have been proven to help ease hot flashes, night sweats, and the other unpleasant menopause symptoms. In addition, they continue to allow synthetic hormone replacement therapy to be distributed to women despite the known risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and more. It’s time the FDA got with the program.

Dr. Lark knew the risks of synthetic hormone replacement therapy long before the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) studies were released and has successfully used alternative therapies to help ease both menopause and perimenopause symptoms. She often discusses natural solutions for hot flashes, night sweats and other hormone-related issues in her monthly newsletter, Women’s Wellness Today.

So, in celebration of Menopause Awareness Month, I encourage you to learn more about the safer, natural therapies for menopause symptoms by reading these blogs and visiting Dr. Lark’s site here.


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