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You may have seen the recent segment on Dateline NBC that questioned the safety of nutritional supplements. 

The report by Chris Hansen focused on lawsuits against the makers of a liquid supplement called Total Body Formula. This formulation contained dangerously high levels of chromium and selenium due to a mix-up by the manufacturer. This horrible error caused users to lose their hair and nails.

Once again, the safety of supplements and the lack of government regulation of the supplement industry were called into question. While I agree that some supplements on the market are not of the highest quality, government regulation is not, in my opinion, the answer. More regulation would mean less choices and less nutrients available on the market.

The quality issue is one of the reasons I created my own line of nutritional supplements. If you use any of my products, you can rest assured that:

  • The raw materials are rigorously screened to make sure they are pure and potent. 
  • Every single one of my finished formulas are batch tested to make sure they meet the label claims and purity specifications.
  • Independent labs verify my products’ claims for potency and safety.

This triple testing assures the purest, safest, most effective product you can find. If you are ever unsure of the safety of any supplement, I urge you to not buy it or stop taking it. 




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