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With Memorial Day weekend almost over and summer virtually upon us, it is safe to say that most women are looking for ways to tone up, slim down, and gain better appetite control.

When faced with this kind of awe-inspiring dilemma, I turn to one thing: food. Yep, food. Eating the right foods in the right amounts can help you gain control over, well, overeating. This week, I’ll give you my three-step plan for natural weightloss so you can start the summer off right.

Natural Weightloss Step #1: Fiber

I know…shocking! The reality is nothing even touches fiber for natural appetite control. Fiber provides a sense of satiety or fullness in your stomach. It also produces bulkier stools with a higher water content, thereby helping to eliminate excessive fluid (and fat and calories) from the body. Plus, fiber helps to lower your risk for estrogen dominance by binding to estrogen in your intestines and removing it through elimination.

The trick is to get the right amount of fiber from the right sources. My first choice is ground flaxseed. I add two to three tablespoons to my morning smoothie or sprinkle over oatmeal or a salad. Next, you can get great fiber from vegetables, namely spinach, celery, or broccoli…just to name a few. My last choice would be grains (brown rice in particular), as they are starchy and high in carbohydrates.


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