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If you have estrogen dominance and tend to eat a diet high in saturated fats, such as butter and dairy products (especially cheese and ice cream), you are likely stimulating the growth of unhealthy, anaerobic bacteria in your intestinal tract. These bacteria chemically change the breakdown products of estrogen into forms that can be reabsorbed back into the body, thereby elevating your own estrogen levels.

You see, when these unhealthy, “bad” bacteria take over your intestinal tract, they negatively impact the metabolism of estrogen, causing less estrogen to be detoxed from your body and allow more “free” estrogen to be reabsorbed back into the circulation, thereby increasing free estrogen levels within the blood. This is bad.

To suppress the growth of these unhealthy bacteria, you should not only reduce your intake of saturated fat (which can lead to the problem in the first place), you also need to increase your intake of probiotic-rich, fermented foods, which recolonize your intestinal tract with healthy bacteria. These include yogurt (preferably coconut-based), kim chee, pickles, and sauerkraut, as well as taking probiotic supplements like lactobacillus and acidophilus.


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