Posted on: 12.05.2023 Posted by: Drlark Comments: 0

Crow’s feet. No woman likes to hear that term–and no woman likes to see them around her eye area. Fortunately, red light therapy can help reduce these fine lines around the eyes and create the appearance of wrinkle free skin.

Red light devices have been shown to stimulate the repair of the collapsing collagen scaffold by helping to remove broken-down collagen debris and increase collagen production. I recommend a handheld device called the Omnilux new-U, which is the first FDA-cleared over-the-counter device for the treatment of crow’s feet. The new-U uses patented technology to bathe the skin in alternating red and near infrared light. The result is the appearance of a wrinkle free face. In fact, clinical studies have demonstrated improvements in skin tone and clarity.


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