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My editor picked up the latest edition of Philadelphia Magazine this weekend while waiting for a flight at the Philadelphia airport. She tells me what drew her attention to the magazine was an article titled “Did Wyeth Give This Woman Cancer?” She passed the article on to me and, in turn, I want to pass it on to you because the author delves into the tactics Wyeth used over the past couple of decades to sell its blockbuster hormone replacement therapy drug,  Prempro–despite early concerns that it could greatly increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. (This risk was confirmed in 2002’s Women’s Health Initiative study.)

While certainly disturbing and unscrupulous, I suppose I’m not too surprised by the tactics used by Wyeth to market Prempro, preying on women’s desperation to find menopause relief and help for hot flashes. But this article adds to my resolve in helping women find safe, natural alternatives to reduce menopause hot flashes and night sweats. I’ve spoken many times about the dangers of conventional hormone replacement therapy and why bioidentical hormone replacement and herbs such as black cohosh are healthier, more effective options. I strongly encourage you to consider these natural treatments over Prempro and Wyeth’s newest hormone replacement therapy drug, Aprela.


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