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Last month we learned that my mother-in-law has breast cancer. The tumor was small, and removed a few weeks ago, along with a couple lymph nodes that were tested and came back clear. She began radiation treatments this week.

My grandmother was also breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in the late 1970’s, had a mastectomy, and remained clear of the disease for the rest of her life.

I was upset to learn about my mother-in-law’s diagnosis, not only for her, but also for what this means for my girls. Knowing that family history is a risk factor, I worry about what this latest diagnosis means for them.

There have been many advances in breast cancer research and treatments since my grandmother’s mastectomy 30 years ago. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we’ve done a number of wonderful blogs on this site discussing new, natural ways to deal with this retched disease.

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