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With so much attention given to estrogen, many women don’t know what role progesteron plays in the body. In short, progesterone balances the effects of estrogen. Where estrogen is growth stimulating, progesterone is growth limiting. Estrogen is mood elevating; progesterone has a sedative effect on mood. One of progesterone’s tasks is to prevent menstrual bleeding from becoming too profuse or long lasting and prevent the uterine lining from becoming too thick, which may lead to uterine cancer. This is the reason progesterone is often a part of hormone replacement therapy.

I suggest looking into progesterone supplementation if you have menopause symptoms or signs of menopause.  There are natural forms of progesterone, which has no known side effects at the usual dose of 20–40 mg daily. Be sure to consult a physician who is knowledgeable about natural progesterone before beginning treatment with it.

Although it’s available in pill form, many women prefer natural progesterone in a skin cream base, which you can get without a prescription. Topically applied creams are absorbed into body tissues immediately. Oral progesterone is first metabolized by your liver and converted into three different compounds. You can also use a transdermal spray such as Progest-Ease, that can be applied to the skin and absorbed into the blood stream without going through the liver.

A typical dosage of natural progesterone cream is 20 mg a day or one-quarter to one-half teaspoon amounts applied to any clean area of the skin twice a day. Look for a product that contains 400–600 mg of progesterone per ounce like Pro-Gest or Fem-Gest.

Perimenopausal women can apply the cream from day 12 to day 26 of their menstrual cycle. Menopausal women not taking estrogen may use progesterone for two to three weeks each month. And don’t buy products that list wild yam on the label. Unprocessed, wild yam can’t be converted to progesterone in your body. This conversion from the plants can only be done in a laboratory. And don’t buy progesterone products that are made with mineral oil, which blocks the progesterone from entering your body. You can find a good natural progesterone cream at the Women’s International Pharmacy (


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