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If you have estrogen dominance, it helps to support the function of your liver. Why? Because your liver helps to metabolize and eliminate estrogen from your body. If the elimination process becomes sluggish, estrogen accumulates in your body and your estrogen levels increase.

Two of the best liver-supporting supplements that can help boost estrogen metabolism and tame estrogen dominance are:
1. DIM, which is found in certain vegetables and also in supplement form; and
2. Glucaric acid, which is naturally present in cruciferous vegetables, apples, citrus fruits, and bean sprouts, and is available in supplements such as calcium D-glucarate. It has been shown to boost liver metabolism and elimination of estrogen by inhibiting an estrogen-protecting enzyme called beta-glucorunidase. D-limonene boosts the estrogen-metabolizing benefits. I recommend 500 to 1,000 mg of calcium D-glucarate daily with food, plus 1,000 mg of d-limonene daily. 


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