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What I’ve learned from Dr. Lark and through additional research and personal experience is that if you are overweight, you are very likely eating the wrong foods for your hormonal and body type. Instead, you need to eat the right foods, in the right ratios and proportions, for your hormonal type if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

I learned this first-hand when I tried to go vegetarian several years ago. I swear I was the only person who managed to GAIN weight as a vegetarian. Plus, I was weak, sluggish, and had brain fog. Turns out, when women with estrogen dominance try to adopt a low-fat, low-protein, and high-complex carbohydrate diet with a more vegetarian emphasis (such as those advocated by Dean Ornish, MD, or the Pritikin Institute), this feeling of “blah” is quite common. Eating this type of diet will cause those of us with estrogen dominance to lose our natural robust energy and stamina.

Instead, I learned that a better diet for women with estrogen dominance includes fish and range-fed poultry, as well as some game meat like venison (which is low in saturated fat) as the chief sources of protein. You can also include virtually any fruit and vegetable, and be sure to use various types of fiber to help reduce estrogen levels and cholesterol from your body.


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