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Nothing says “breast health” like good nutrition. In addition to the benefits of DIM and Brassica vegetables, there are several other powerful nutrients that can promote not only healthy breasts, but overall health. Best of all, they include a supplement, food, and beverage, so it’s a breeze to incorporate these changes into your life.


Bioflavonoids, found in soy, buckwheat, alfalfa sprouts, the inner peel of citrus fruits, and many berries, are a natural source of plant estrogens that may help protect women from developing hormone-related cancers, strengthen blood vessels, and reduce inflammation.

Dr. Lark recommends 700–2,000 mg per day.


This small, amazing seed benefits every cell, organ and system in the body. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, supports healthy breast tissue, and even provides moisture to skin and joints. It’s easy to add flax to your diet. Just sprinkle two tablespoons of milled flaxseed over oatmeal or yogurt or blend into a smoothie once or twice a day.

Green Tea

Research continues to identify specific ways the polyphenols found in green tea fight cancer. The growing list already includes the following impressive actions:

  • They prevent the formation of cancer-causing compounds, including nitrosamines (formed when the nitrites in cured foods bind with amino acids).
  • They directly detoxify certain cancer-causing agents. 
  • They block carcinogen activity by binding to tissue receptor sites. Polyphenols bind to receptor sites on breast tissue, preventing carcinogens (tumor promoters, hormones, and growth factors) from binding to and harming the cells. In essence, the polyphenols “seal off” the tissue from invasion by carcinogens.

Dr. Lark recommends drinking at least two to thee cups of green tea per day.


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