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The best way to keep leptin in balance is to prevent sugar spikes by following a targeted diet and using key supplements.

When it comes to diet, Dr. Ron Rosedale suggests follow a specific diet, which includes:

  • Avoiding all starchy foods, such as potatoes, cereal, rice, and most pastas and bread, as well as carrots, beets, and corn.
  • Eat as many vegetables (other than the ones listed above).
  • Count protein, not calories. The amount of protein that you need depends on your lean body mass and activity level. Most people will require between 50–70 grams of protein per day. This is equal to four ounces of protein twice a day.
  • Load up on good fats, such as nuts (six to eight at a time at the most), olives, olive oil, avocados, and guacamole are also great options.

Dr. Rosedale also suggests including some supplements to help improve leptin’s signal and increase appetite control. Be sure to take the following dosages once a day (unless otherwise indicated):

  • High quality, iron-free multinutrient
  • 400–500 IU of vitamin E as mixed tocopherols
  • 400 mcg of chromium
  • One tablespoon liquid fish oil
  • 500–1,000 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine twice a day
  • 200–300 mg alpha lipoic acid twice a day, with food

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