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Step 4 to Cellulite Free Skin: Boost Your Collagen

It takes great nutrition to produce the abundant, strong, and healthy collagen that supports beautiful, smooth, cellulite free skin.

To reduce cellulite, the collagen-boosting nutrients you should be taking daily include:

  • Silicon (4 mg)
  • Vitamin C (1,000 mg)
  • Biotin (2,500 mcg)
  • Bioflavonoids (100–300 mg)
  • Rutin (400 mg twice daily)
  • N-acetyl glucosamine (500 mg), and
  • Alpha lipoic acid (25 mg)

Without all these nutrients, your body will still create collagen, but it will be of inferior quality and easily broken down. Often, a good-quality multivitamin will contain many of these nutrients.

In addition, studies show that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) increases collagen levels while also keeping fat cells from accumulating more fat and becoming larger. I recommend 3,000 mg of CLA daily, in divided doses and taken with meals. Try Tonalin CLA  or TonaLean-3.


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