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When it comes to natural weightloss and muscle building, protein is the key.

There is emerging evidence that diets higher in protein help you achieve natural weightloss, in part, by helping to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. A 2003 study from the Journal of Nutrition found that women who ate less protein had insulin levels that were 40 percent higher than those of subjects who ate a diet higher in protein. Women on the higher protein diet also enjoyed blood sugar levels that were more stable than those who ate less protein.

Also, natural weight loss plans that are higher in protein also offer a few other good health benefits. First, they tend to cut wheat, refined sugar, and sometimes dairy. However, the downside is that they can be high in cholesterol and deficient in key vitamins and minerals, especially if they limit fruit.

To offset these concerns, focus on the healthy options of these diets:

  • lean proteins (chicken, fish, eggs);
  • wide variety of vegetables;
  • great fruits (Zone, South Beach, Sugar Busters);
  • water; and
  • green tea.

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