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I am a big proponent of walking for many reasons–it is not only a great workout, but also helps me clear my mind while I enjoy my surroundings. In fact, walking is such a good workout that taking a brisk walk at the same pace as an average jog is a significantly better workout than jogging! It burns more energy, consumes more oxygen, and results in higher heart rates. But if you can’t get outside as often as you’d like to this summer to take a brisk walk, you can still get that great workout in your own house with a program called Walk at Home. I’ve used this program when I can’t get outside and love it!

When you use this interesting natural weightloss program, you can choose the length and intensity of your workout—from a quick pick-me-up energy booster to an all-out power walk of five miles or more. The program starts you out with four simple steps and combines those steps with specific movements that work additional muscles and boost flexibility.

With this program, you can also join an online walk club. As you may already know, exercising with friends is a great source of motivation and really boosts your natural weight loss efforts. So, by using an online walk club, you can walk with friends no matter when and where you are. 



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