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Over the summer Women’s Health magazine wrote an article about “Bumpaholics”–women who get a high from being pregnant. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. But, recently I’ve been wondering if I may be one of those women.

The woman who sits in the office to my left just gave birth last week. The woman to my right is pregnant and due in February. On top of that, we have a few other women working here who are either pregnant or on maternity leave. I’m starting to feel a little jealous of them.

One of my colleagues on maternity leave just brought in her 5-week-old baby girl today and as soon as I heard the little squeals of a newborn my body reacted. I felt this electric shock. I got chills. And, for a moment, I thought I might start producing milk again. It was a true physical reaction.

I enjoyed both my pregnancies. In fact, I would say that I loved being pregnant, despite the morning sickness, heartburn, weight gain, and all the fluctuations in hormone levels. But am I addicted? Perhaps I am.

I have no desire to be Octomom or Kate Gosselin. But, maybe one more baby? I’m really on the fence. I do know that I’m not ready to have another baby now. The thought of 3 kids under the age of 5 scares the daylights out of me.

My husband and I┬áhave decided to revisit the matter when our baby turns 2 in June. We’ll see then if my baby pangs have subsided by then. Stay tuned!

Read Women’s Health article Bumpaholics: the Belly-Rubbing High.


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