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So many women come to me looking for relief from such common menopause symptoms as night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and insomnia. I tell all these women the same thing: One of my top solutions for menopause relief is an herb called black cohosh.

Right now in Germany, a special extract of black cohosh is the most thoroughly studied and widely used natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Clinical studies have shown that black cohosh extract not only relieves menopause hot flashes, but also depression and vaginal atrophy.

In one of the largest studies on black cohosh, women with menopause symptoms received 40 drops of liquid black cohosh extract twice a day for six to eight weeks. Within four weeks of treatment, a distinct improvement was seen in nearly 80 percent of the women. After six to eight weeks, all symptoms had completely disappeared in half of the women.

If you have signs of menopause or menopause symptoms, I suggest taking 80–160 mg of a standardized extract of black cohosh twice a day. This dose should contain 2 to 4 mg of the active components (triterpenes, calculated as 27-deoxyacteine). Black cohosh is available in most health food stores, nutrition centers, and even some pharmacies.


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