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Spraywhite 90 Whitening System

Whiten your teeth by up top 7 shades – proven in clinical trials!

Spraywhite 90 Whitening System

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Our Quality Promise

The SprayWhite 90 Whitening System whitens your teeth naturally and thoroughly—without messy trays, gels, or strips that miss part of your teeth. In a double-blind, placebo controlled study participants averaged a two-shade improvement in tooth whitening with just one application—with some participants experiencing up to a seven-shade improvement! In just one week, most noticed a five-shade improvement, with some seeing a change of up to 14 shades. No question—SprayWhite 90 makes a dramatic difference in your smile quickly!

SprayWhite 90 Whitening System:

  • Gives you visibly whiter teeth with just one 90-second application
  • Whitens between teeth and near the gum line
  • Polishes your teeth, leaving them squeaky clean
  • Stops stains from tea, coffee, and red wine—instantly Pic: Before and After results
  • Promotes healthy-looking gums
  • Does it with all-natural ingredients

SprayWhite Before and After Results

Before and After Results

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