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Sun-Pure Air Purifier

Sun-Pure Air Purifier

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At-A-Glance Benefits

  • It’s made of a durable high-impact plastic that comes in a soft, neutral white that will easily blend in with any décor—so you’ll barely even notice it.
  • You can easily move the unit from room to room. It’s 21″ x 18″ x 8″ and weighs only 24 pounds.
  • The Sun-Pure cleans up to 1,000 square feet every twenty minutes—that’s the size of a large room or office, or the entire floor of an average size home.
  • It’s virtually maintenance free. The only parts that you ever need to change, the filter and UV bulb, can be replaced in a matter of minutes with no tools needed. The high-tech panel will even notify you when it’s time to change the filter or bulb. The HEPA filter will last about two years and the UV lamp lasts about a year.
  • And, it’s safe. Realizing the power of the UV bulbs, the engineer ensured that nobody could ever be accidentally injured. As an added safety measure the unit will automatically shut itself down anytime one of the vents or covers is open.

Protect yourself and your family from environmental toxins and ensure you’re getting the oxygen you so badly need with the Sun-Pure Air Purifier.

Unlike other air filters which merely re-circulate harmful germs, the Sun-Pure uses ultraviolet (UV) light to actually kill bacteria and viruses that would otherwise slip through a filter.

The Sun-Pure system gives you several stages of air purification. To kill bacteria and viruses, it uses a low-pressure mercury lamp to create short-wave UV light. This light emits high-level energy that’s powerful enough to kill germs—but is perfectly safe to use in your home.

The Sun-Pure also contains a pre-filter for removing heavy particles larger than 5 microns, and a high-quality HEPA filter to remove particles down to .3 microns, which is smaller than the size of most bacteria and allergens, such as pollen, spores, mold, dust mites, cockroach dust, and tobacco smoke. Plus, there are two layers of gas absorption to remove chemicals, solvents, exhaust fumes, pesticides, formaldehyde, and other household pollutants.

90-Day Risk-Free Trial and 2-Year Warranty

You can try the Sun-Pure for 90 days, risk free. If you don’t notice a significant improvement in the quality of your air, simply send it back and they’ll refund the purchase price—no questions asked. Plus, the Sun-Pure comes with a two-year unconditional warranty.

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