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Xylitol Kit

Finally—a healthy, natural sweetener that tastes and looks just like sugar

Xylitol Kit

 4 1-lb. Bags

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“In today’s society, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are completely overused. I personally consider it a health risk. That’s why I like xylitol-it’s a far healthier, much better alternative.”

—Susan Lark, M.D.

Xylitol is a little-known plant sugar that’s a far better alternative to refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners. It’s healthy, with no aftertaste. Xylitol won’t raise your blood sugar as fast as regular sugar, and unlike regular sugar, which can cause dental cavities, it raises the pH in the mouth. It even has 1/3 fewer calories than regular sugar.

Just sprinkle it on cereal, use it in your coffee or tea, even cook or bake with it. The substitution is simply 1:1 when using to replace regular sugar. You’ll be amazed at how sweet, delicious, and so much like regular sugar it is!

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