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Bone Strengthening Kit

Your Serious Solution for Strong, Healthy Bones

Bone Strengthening Kit

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Bones are living tissues that are constantly breaking down and rebuilding themselves. And as women age, our bodies break down more bone than they rebuild. That’s why it’s so important to take steps now to maintain strong, resilient bones.

While calcium is extremely important, it’s hard for your body to absorb, and it simply isn’t enough by itself. That’s why Dr. Lark developed her bone health formula. She includes fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to help create an ideal environment for calcium and magnesium absorption, the exciting new bone-supportive herb called Rehmannia to inhibit bone resorption, and vitamin C for collagen support.

The result is the Daily Balance Bone Strengthening Kit including Bone Revitalizer and Alkalinizer. Bone Revitalizer, which has over a dozen nutrients that provide serious nourishment to your bones. The Alkalinizer formula helps promote six proper pH levels in the bloodstream and reduce acidity, which is essential for bone health.

Daily Balance Bone Strengthening Kit helps:

  • Support optimal bone density
  • Promote bone growth and inhibit bone resorption
  • Maintain overall bone strength
  • Enhance calcium absorption and utilization.

Usage Recommendation: Take three Daily Balance Bone Revitalizer tablets with morning, and evening meals. Take one Daily Balance Alkalinizer capsule one to two times daily between meals, on an empty stomach.

List of Ingredients

For a complete listing of ingredients in the Bone Strengthening Kit, click here.

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