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Daily Balance Bladder Answer®

Beyond cranberry juice—complete urinary tract support.

Daily Balance Bladder Answer®

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At one time or another, almost every woman has concerns about bladder health. Wouldn’t you love to find something natural, beyond cranberry juice, that soothes and supports your urinary tract—including your kidneys and bladder—every day?

Dr. Lark’s new Bladder Answer® does just that. It’s a comprehensive urinary tract health solution with:

PACranâ„¢: Clinical studies of this special cranberry extract showed that a 500mg daily dose helped promote a healthy urinary tract.

Glucosamine Sulfate: to help protect to help protect the thinning lining of the bladder wall, especially during menopause.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: to support the strength of your bladder wall, and renal (kidney) health.

Aloe Gel: to help support kidney health.

Potassium: to promote pH balance, which Dr. Lark feels is critical for urinary tract health.

Vitamin D: which Dr. Lark believes helps support the muscles of the bladder wall that control the flow of urine.

Ask Dr. Lark: Answers to Your Most Embarrassing Questions

Q: I’m in menopause—has my urinary tract changed?

A: The trouble is that as your estrogen levels drop, your urinary tract lining thins. I recommend supplementing with glucosamine sulfate, which contains “building blocks” that can help support the urinary tract lining. That’s why you’ll find glucosamine sulfate in Bladder Answer.

Q: Should I drink cranberry juice to help my urinary tract?

A: I encourage you to stay away from cranberry juice because it’s high in sugar. What’s important for urinary tract health is the high concentration of anthocyanins in cranberries. So I recommend taking a cranberry extract standardized to contain at least 1.5% proanthocyanins, like the one included in Bladder Answer.

Q: I’m leaking urine every time I laugh or sneeze and it’s embarrassing. What can I do?

A: Kegel exercises are an excellent way to help exercise and strengthen your pelvic muscles by squeezing and releasing your vaginal muscles. One easy way to ensure you’re doing them correctly is with the Kegelmaster.

Usage Recommendation: Take 2 capsules with every meal.

gaurantee_seal List of Ingredients:

Dr. Lark uses only the purest, highest quality ingredients in the manufacturing of her nutrients. For a complete listing of her ingredients, click here.

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