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Sinupret forte

Keep your sinuses healthy with this herbal combination

Sinupret forte
1 Box, 25 Tablets

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Dr. Lark knows many women are concerned about their sinuses, so she searched for an effective, natural supplement. What she discovered is an herbal formula called Sinupret Plus that promotes your body’s normal inflammatory response and supports normal mucous production. You’ll breathe easily, and feel comfortable, with healthy, well-drained sinuses, well-ventilated nasal passages, and normal nasal tissues.

Sinupret Plus was developed by Dr. David Williams, a researcher who seeks out cures around the world. It’s based on a blend of common herbs and wildflowers that are balanced in extremely precise ratios. These ingredients are not effective when used individually, but the combination works synergistically to help keep your sinuses, nasal passages, and mucus at their healthiest.

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