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Reductase-5 (30 mL)

Slow unwanted facial hair growth!

Reductase-5 (30 mL)

30 ml bottle

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“This is the first solution I’ve ever found that doesn’t just cover up unwanted facial hair, or remove it—but actually gets to the source of the problem, your hormones. It works to restore your female-pattern hair…bringing back the sexier, more feminine you!”

is a gentle skin cream that’s clinically proven to actually slow the growth of facial hair. And it’s great for your skin! It opens your pores, promotes skin cell renewal, fights microbes and inflammation, and balances your skin tone. It’s the perfect, balanced combination of salicylic acid (which removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin), retinol (an antioxidant that helps destroy damaging free radicals in your skin), and 24 nutrients and natural botanical agents like green tea, fennel, sea coral extract, bilberry, and sugar maple.

Here’s what other women, just like you,
have to say about Reductase-5…
“I have tried waxing, electrolysis, prescriptions, tweezing and it was never-ending. The hair always came back coarser and darker. Not so with Reductase-5. I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.” — K. Green, NE
“I only began the Reductase-5 last Tuesday, but I’m compelled to update you on the results I’m already noticing. There is a definite difference in hair growth and skin texture on my upper lip. The hair growth is negligible… pretty amazing stuff thus far…” — M. Duffy, NJ
“I have very sensitive skin. Reductase-5 worked on my hair problem without causing a single problem.” — K. Webb, MD
“It was amazing how quickly I saw results. The (male-pattern) hair almost completely disappeared.” — J. Schoelman, TX
“The best thing about Reductase-5 is how easy it is—just put it on and go—no odor.”
— J. Mahoney, MA

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