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Keenfit Walking Poles

The European Fitness Secret to Burn More Calories, Improve Cardiovascular Health,
and Increase Your Energy

Keenfit Walking Poles

1 Set of Poles

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Keenfit Walking Poles help:

  • Burn up to 22% more calories than walking without poles
  • Increase your heart rate by 16%
  • Increase VO2 (maximum amount of oxygen) by 23%
  • Naturally improve muscular endurance
  • Build upper body strength
  • Improve ease of physical function
  • Increase exercise duration
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Lessen the impact on lower joints
  • Reduce mental stress
  • Plus, adding poles gives you the easiest total body workout

One of the best forms of exercise for women is walking. Dr. Lark has long recommended walking for weight loss and overall health, In fact, she starts each day with a 4-mile walk.

Walking poles are a great way to pump-up your walking routine. Pole walking stems from the sport of cross country skiing. It is believed to have originated as far back as the 1930s, when ski coaches in Finland were struggling to keep their athletes in peak performance during the off season. Once the total body benefits of pole walking were discovered, it became a popular sport.

One exercise helps you lose weight and improves your cardio, balance, and energy

In fact, pole walking is actually one of the most beneficial and rewarding activities you’ll ever do! And it’s great for weight loss. It’s a rhythmically energizing form of walking with a specially designed pair of poles to help you (with less effort) incorporate your entire body rather than just your lower half. And like cross country skiing, the poles are used by your arms to match each step you take.

Simple, convenient, and light-weight

The weight of walking poles is an important factor to consider. The lighter the poles, the easier and quicker you can move, which means less fatigue. Plus, light poles are easier to transport and travel with. The Keenfit two-piece black pole set is made of light-weight aluminum-alloy, which means they’re durable and light. Plus, aluminum is an excellent source for walking poles because it can bend, but it won’t break.

When you get your Keenfit poles, they’ll be completely assembled. All you have to do is adjust them to your height and customize them to the walking surface. They come with four different “footings” that let you adapt the poles to different terrain. You can use these poles both inside and outside. The mall is a great place to exercise, especially when it’s raining, or too cold or hot outside.

Another important feature is the ergonomic benefits. Keenfit uses a moisture-absorbent cork-mix handle that keeps your grip cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Plus, there’s a custom-fit mesh and Velcro strap that wraps around the palm of your hand for comfort and control while you’re using the poles. You’ll also notice that the straps are marked left and right. And for safety reasons both poles have reflector tape.

As if that’s not enough, storing and transporting your poles couldn’t get any easier thanks to their telescopic design. They come with a draw-string tote bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. The tote can also be worn as a fanny pack while you’re using your poles. It has a pouch for your water bottle and a pocket for your keys and cell phone.

Turn a simple walk into a beneficial workout

The technique is easy—it’s a simple enhancement of a normal arm movement. With your forearms parallel to the ground & holding your wrists fixed, the poles should naturally point diagonally backwards behind you at all times.

  • Shoulders are relaxed and down.
  • Elbows & poles are held close to and in-line with the body.
  • Punch forward remembering to keep your wrists locked so your poles stay back.
  • After planting your pole on the ground pull your elbow back past your body keeping your forearm parallel.
  • At the same time as your pole strikes the ground bring your opposite leg forward to strike the ground.
  • The opposite pole should hit the ground just behind the heel of your opposite foot.
  • Pull the poles back as far as possible at the elbow pivoting at the shoulder.
  • Grip the pole on the forward punch—relaxing it into the strap on the pull back.

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Tote bag for Keenfit Walking Poles

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