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Q10 Answer (180-day supply, 50mg)

Q10 Answer (180-day supply, 50mg)

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180-Day Supply (50mg)

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At-A-Glance Benefits

  • Supports overall cardiovascular health and function
  • Increases cellular energy
  • Fights free radical damage throughout your body
  • Supports immune health

CoQ10 is the essential nutrient that “sparks” new energy in your heart, brain, and every cell in your body. It’s also critical for overall heart health and vitality. Because natural levels of CoQ10 decline with age, Dr. Lark recommends women over 40 supplement with this nutrient.

Dr. Lark’s new Q10 Answer® contains ubiquinol, the newest form of CoQ10 available in supplement form…and the same form that makes up 95% of the CoQ10 found naturally in your body.

Ubiquinol is more bioavailable than ordinary CoQ10 so it can give you unparalleled energy and antioxidant protection. It’s highly concentrated, too, so it can fit into a smaller pill. In fact, the 30 mg Q10 Answer softgel is half the size of our previous 30 mg CoQ10! And Q10 Answer is also available in a new 50 mg dose for extra energy and advanced heart support.

Usage Recommendation: Take 2 capsules with every meal.

List of Ingredients:

Dr. Lark uses only the purest, highest quality ingredients in the manufacturing of her nutrients. For a complete listing of her ingredients, click here.

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